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URM for Students

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URM for Commuters

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 Why Ultimate Reading Machine?
  • Ultimate Reading Machine has helped thousands of Students, Writers, Researchers, commuters, runners to use their time effectively and to read better, faster, easier.
  • People with reading disability, dyslexia use Ultimate Reading Machine to overcome their disability.
  • Ultimate Reading Machine also helps students learn to pronounce foreign languages (English, Spanish, German etc., ) correctly.

  • Listening to the class notes or material on the computer will enable you to learn faster.
  • By converting text into audio usable in CD, Mp3 players, you can learn any time anywhere. You can even study when you are running or walking or driving.
  • A study conducted at UCI by MBA students found, by listening to the cases 3 times during driving in one hour produced better grades than reading the paper cases for 4 hours.
  • Our software is used by students at top schools like Harvard, MIT, UCLA, UCI, NYU, Michigan, Yale, London Business School, Insead, IIT ... and many more....
  • Our software is used by employees at Cisco, Intel, NASA
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Wider Selection, More options & Cheaper than Audio Books.
  • With Ultimate Reading Machine, you can convert most digital text available to an audio book format.
  • Since URM creates several audio formats (WAV, WMA), you can use it with most mp3 players and CD players.
  • There is a ton of free digital content available on the web. We help registered users with locating freely available text from sites like Gutenberg.org and our own private collection.
  • You only pay for the software once. You can create unlimited audio books on your own.
  • Compare this to Audible.com or Audio books found in bookstores, try adjusting the speed or voice on the audio books from Audible.com or Audiobooks.
  • URM remembers your preferred voice, speed for future use.
Works inside Explorer

UltimateReadingMachine is integrated
  • UltimateReadingMachine provides integrated readers for Internet Explorer, Outlook and Word as well as standalone readers.
  • With other software, you have to buy separate readers for each application draining your bank account.
Integrated into outlook
Partial list of features found in UltimateReadingMachine
  • Converts Web pages, word, PDF documents to Audio for use with CD/MP3 player.
  • Talks Web pages, word, PDF documents Out Aloud on the computer.
  • Zoom and Magnify Web pages, word, PDF documents as they are read.
  • Highlights words as they are read to make learning easier.
  • Removes pictures, ads and let you concentrate only what is important the text.
  • Alarm read feature can read any document at a specific time.
  • Scheduler feature can import and create audio at a scheduled time.
  • Creates several audio files with just one click
  • Enables you to exchange the created audio with your friends.
  • One click regeneration of audio books.
  • Generates audio Table of Content with one click.
  • Spider feature Imports all links in a web page with one click. 
  • Simple toolbar control which lets you control the program from anywhere.
  • You can hide and show the bookshelf to maximize screen utility. 
  • Comes with over 30 Voices for free.
  • Provides fine control for Speed and Volume.
  • Remembers your preferred voice, speed
Fully Automatic!